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The People At Tropical Ghana
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"At the center of Tropical Ghana's activities are people; people make the world what it is. Whether a person is working at Tropical Ghana or enjoying Tropical Ghana recipes, it is important for us to put a smile on the person's face. We love to cook and we passionately love to make cooking enjoyable to as many people as possible. We believe in not only spreading the friendly warmth of Ghana but also showing our passionate tropical side through our recipes by leaving a positive mark that bring smiles to the faces of the people who love Tropical Ghana."
Charles A Cann
Founder | Chef | Creative Director
Tropical Ghana
The people who love Tropical Ghana are food enthusiasts, passionate about food, ready to explore, have good appetites, want to cook, willing to take the risk, love to cook, ready to eat, dream of delicious food, want to surprise, want to pick fresh ingredients, looking out for the hors d'oeuvres tray, wondering what's next, and many more. Anybody can be part of the Tropical Ghana family. Before a Tropical Ghana recipe makes its debut, it gets a touch from a diverse group of people including the grandmothers and mothers of Ghana who offer valuable insights, the creative team who work on the details, the tasters who offer honest feedback, the samplers who help decide, the dedicated fans who are eager for more food and the people interested in exploring tropical ingredients who are ever ready to cook. Be part of the Tropical Ghana family; explore the recipe shop to find a recipe.