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We Are Tropical Ghana
Inspired by his friends from his Northwestern University family, Charles A Cann founded Tropical Ghana Cookbooks Project in 2006 in New York City. His passion for food and cooking is one of the reasons behind the creation of the project to share the cuisine of his native country, Ghana, with all his friends. The other reason for the project’s existence was Charles’ determination to sustain a school supply donation drive he started in 2002 to encourage kids in Ghana to stay in school. Cann’s idea is that as people enjoy recipes, they are also indirectly encouraging a child in Ghana to stay in school.

In 2011, the project relaunched as Tropical Ghana – contemporary cooking, Ghana style. As part of Tropical Ghana is the Tropical Ghana Foundation which aims to offer assistance to encourage and inspire less privileged but intelligent children in Ghana to stay in school. Part of the proceeds from the sales of Tropical Ghana recipes help the foundation reach its goal of offering scholarships in small financial amounts to encourage and inspire kids to stay in school. Learn more about Tropical Ghana Foundation.

We have redefined contemporary cooking at Tropical Ghana. Our definition is based on combining traditional and non-traditional techniques in cooking. Traditionally, people in Ghana cook with the goal of sharing a meal that is a balanced diet with their family and they work tirelessly to achieve this goal. Our non-traditional approach is employing creative and innovative cooking styles. Our unique contemporary approach is what makes us believe that cooking should be simple, fun and healthy.

Our goal at Tropical Ghana is to inspire, encourage and empower individuals who love Ghanaian cuisine, crave West African flavors or are interested in exploring tropical ingredients, to try new recipes and share with their loved ones.

Visit our recipe shop to try a recipe, share with a loved one and let us know what you think.

Key Facts

Founder: Charles A Cann

Founded: December 2006

Launched: February 2007
Tropical Ghana Cookbooks

Published First Cookbook:
December 2007
Tropical Ghana Delights

December 2011
Tropical Ghana